How can Triple Track alignment help my putting?


It is very common nowadays to see golfers with markings on their balls for the purposes of identifying them when the ball is in long grass or just to make sure that they stand out from the balls of other players and are not hit by mistake.

Many Players mark their ball with a line which goes the hole way around the golf ball. The idea being that if you think a putt from 6 feet is a left edge putt then the ball can be marked by the player and the line can be placed so that it aims towards the left edge of the cup.

By doing this, golfers can stand over this same 6 footer knowing that they are aiming where they want and that all that is necessary to put the ball into the hole is to hit the ball in the direction of the line. 

Callaway have started producing golf balls with triple track technology, this is the evolution of the typical line around the ball and really helps players to be sure of where they are aiming. Two balls in particular, the ERC soft and the Triple Track Chromesoft are prime examples of it. 

Studies carried out in their putting labs have shown that this technology helps golfers to be up to 28% more accurate in lining up a putt. This technology is definitely worth trying out if you are trying to improve your putting or tend to be a little on the tentative side over short putts.

I hope this helps.

- Mark the Golf Ball Guy