What Golf Balls should I be playing?

Hey Guys, 

This is my first attempt at a blog post so please don't be too harsh! I'm sure I will improve as I get more under my belt. To begin, I figured I would take a lash at answering a few frequently asked questions regarding the purchase of golf balls. 

Lets, for the sake of this article, split golfers into 3 main categories. So we would have those who are new to the game, weekend golfers and advanced players! "What about the Pros? Well, the Professionals would be another category altogether but I don't think Tiger Woods is going to hit me up any time soon looking for lake balls :-D

So anyways, players who are new to the game should always look for the cheapest option. Buy low quality balls in bulk from the likes of amazon, ebay or your local pro shop. This is because it would be very expensive to play a premium ball like a Pro V1 given that you can expect to lose on average a half dozen to 2 dozen balls in a single trip to the course! Wait until you can get the ball off the tee box consistently until you put yourself in with the weekend veterans!

Advanced players will reap the benefits of playing high quality tour performance balls such as the Pro V1, AVX, TP5 or Chromesoft. This is because these balls are multilayered offering better control and greater spin on shots close to the green. This feel allows lower handicap golfers to hit stylish approach shots and to putt confidently when in the scoring zone. 

The weekend golfer who doesn't have much time to invest in the game is probably best to get a mix of balls. To buy some premium balls for competitions and that but when they are just practising should use lower quality balls if trying to save money. There is absolutely no point hitting a lovely Pro V1 golf ball into the trees on the first hole when you're just practising!

In terms of Brands and Balls, its really trial & error. There is no one ball that magically provides a golfer with birdies and eagles. The truth is you should perform testing on the course to see which balls perform well for you and which balls you like the look of as the most important thing in the game of golf is trust. You have got to trust that the ball you are using is going to go in the hole when it matters!

- Mark the Golf Ball Guy (Handicap 5)